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Guided Meditations To Get Your Ex Back

Today we are talking with Sue Jessop, a spiritual healer, consultant and therapist about how you can use meditation and intentional visualisation to try to repair a broken relationship. There are many things that a person can do to try to help fix what went wrong, including seeing a marriage or relationship councillor of course. However, adding other ingredients into the mix, such as meditation and visualisation can also go a long way to help bring things back on track.

Our guest today, Sue, is also an avid writer and has written for notable relationship websites such as to name but a few.

Laura: Welcome to the show, Sue

Sue: Thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to be here

Laura: Absolutely! Well, let’s get started. So, I understand that your a spiritual healer and you also provide consultations for people struggling with relationships. So how do the two go together?

Sue: That’s a good question. Well, how I work am I first tune in with my client and by ‘tune in’ I mean, I connect with their energy and get a sense and a feeling of where they are at mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From there, as I listen to their story I am then able to psychically pick up more information surrounding their particular circumstance. I then channel my guides for higher knowledge and relay the information and messages from them along with my own personal experiences.

Laura: Wow, that sounds pretty far out! How did you learn to do this?

Sue: In my early teens, I had a rather traumatic experience that I won’t go into here on the show, but it was that experience that actually led me to have a spiritual awakening – first a spiritual crisis than a spiritual awakening. At that time I felt totally lost in darkness and despair for quite a while and when that happens to a person it can often be a catalyst for some kind of spiritual awakening or transformation. It was in my moment of complete and total surrender and to allow a greater power than myself to lead the way and show me what I need to do in order to get myself back to some kind of normality. When that happened I quickly became aware that I had a gift for connecting into my higher power. Through connecting with my higher self I then started to receive messages from spirit. At first, I didn’t know what it was and it was a little scary at the beginning. So I sought out the help of a spiritual teacher who taught me what was happening to me and showed me how to connect or tune in to receive information and talk with my angels and guides. This technique she calls ‘Angel Talk’. This was really a huge turning point in my life.

Laura: Wow, that’s quite a story, Sue. So how does a session with you work, do they need to be with you face to face?

Sue: No, they don’t need to be with me face to face. Most of my clients do come to visit me in person, but I do also consult through Skype and telephone. I don’t need to be in the same room with them in order to tune in, I just need permission from them that they want me to and then to open up their energy to me.

Laura: And I understand that you also give guided meditations to your clients to help them to let go of past grief and trauma and to find their strength. Is that right?

Sue: Yes, that’s right. I have been providing the guided meditations for about a year now and they’re working really well for people. Besides this, my clients are also finding a renewed sense of confidence throughout their life and also in their relationships from the meditations and the work that I do. For example, one of my clients was very shy and reserved and always felt it was difficult to let go completely and connect intimately with her partner and she was becoming worried that this was starting to effect her relationship with him. Through my work and over time she became more empowered to the point where she could stand in her own power and then start to be more sexual with her partner, talking intimately with him and allowing their love to blossom from a deeper connection.

Laura: So how do they work, what’s happening when someone listens to one of your meditations?

Sue: I created the meditations based on various zen and yogic traditions and along with information that I channelled from spirit. Basically, when someone goes through the guided meditation it helps them to re-align with their higher self and clear out any stuck energy patterns and blockages. During the process, I help them to visualize their future self in their most pure and magnificent essence and help them to realize that they can actually step into this manifestation of themselves and make it a reality in their lives.

Laura: So what kinds of things do people find your meditations helpful for?

Sue: Oh, a whole range of things. For some women, they find them tremendously helpful when they are going through a breakup. For others, they find that the meditations help to give them strength and boost their self-esteem in order to either try to get their partner back or to move on if he’s not what they’re wanting in their life anymore. Some women also enjoy to listen to them purely for the relaxation and to feel good. The meditations help to enhance one’s life overall and can help to facilitate spiritual change and transformation.

Laura: So where can people get your meditations from, are they available on CDs?

Sue: Not yet, but they will be soon. Currently, I have been providing them for clients who come to see me, but soon they will also be available on for the general public.

Laura: That sounds great. SO let us know when they’re available and we can certainly tell our audience about them.

Sue: Thank you, Laura, I will!

Laura: Sue, it’s been a pleasure having you here with us today.

Sue: It’s been a pleasure being here, thank you so much and I hope to come back and talk to you all again soon!

Laura: Absolutely, well, you will be more than welcome.

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