Stay tuned folks for more relationship guests on the Thrive Talk Radio Network. We are very pleased to be welcoming next week to the show, David Mathers. David has survived a rather harsh divorce and will be on the show to talk to us about his experiences and how he bounced back and found true love. David will also be telling us about his new book called, ‘Love, Separation, Divorce and Rebirth’, which is based on his experiences. In the book, David shares insights on how he managed to recover quickly and what lead him to find his soul mate.

We will also be welcoming another special guest to the show, Spencer Price, who will be talking to us about dream interpretation and what it can do for your love life. Spencer is an experienced dream interpreter and will be explaining how you can interpret your dreams so you can discover the hidden messages tour subconscious is trying to tell you. According to Spencer, we can have all kinds of different dreams related to important aspects of our lives. However, often the symbology is pretty crazy and the dreamer does not realize the importance or significance of the messages. While Spencer interprets all kinds of dreams, he will be on the show to discuss common dreams regarding relationships, intimacy and love. We will also be taking a few calls from our guests so make sure you’re listening live with us to get the opportunity to call in. We can’t guarantee you’ll all get a chance to ask Spencer your question, but we will do our best to bring a few of you on to pick his brains. It’s going to be a great show and one not to miss. We will update you here and on our social media channels of the date and time soon.

Until next time folks!