a man walking in natureAfter we go through a breakup we can often be left feeling despondent and down, even depressed for a while. Although these times are pretty awful when we are going through them, they can actually serve to evolve us both mentally and spiritually and help us to grow as human beings.

While the natural tendency is to hide away from the world, it is important not to stay there and get out and back to being yourself as soon as possible. Get out and see your friends and start to do things that can help you get some closure. If you’re really struggling then you may need to see a counsellor for a while. Getting some professional advice can really help to bring you through it a lot quicker.

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Reflect on the relationship

During this time, use it to reflect on the relationship and the events that seemed to lead to its demise. Seeing the relationship for what it was from both angles can often help to get some perspective on it. See both the good and the not so good, and learn from it where you can.

Learn from any mistakes

Were there any mistakes made on your part? If so, take a note of them so you can learn from it and move on. Once you’ve acknowledged any mistakes allow yourself to release them and forgive yourself and your ex. You don’t necessarily need to meet your ex to do this if you don’t want to. You can silently or out load, affirm your forgiveness towards yourself and them and let it go to the universe to handle from here.

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Studies have found that meditation can be highly beneficial for many reasons. Not only does meditation have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the body, it also helps to calm the mind, de-stress and connect in with your inner self.

If you’re not sure how to meditate then here’s an easy to follow guide for meditating to get over a breakup.

Walk in nature

Walking in nature can be very therapeutic. Get yourself out of the house for a few hours and go for a walk in your local park or forest. Really bring your awareness into the present moment and take time to look around yourself to appreciate all the beauty in nature that is all around us. Connecting with nature in this way can do wonders to help lift a person’s spirits, calm the mind and bring a sense of gratitude back into our lives.

Going through a breakup is never easy. If you’re really struggling then do reach out to friends and family members and let them know how you’re feeling and that you may need a little help from them for a while. Contact a local therapist or councillor as some professional advice can often work wonders to help you turn the corner towards a more positive frame of mind, which will help you to move on. You may also like to read our article on the top things to do to get over a breakup here.