Jay Grayce is coined the Angel of the airways. She is the Co-Host of Rape Declaration Forum (RDF). It is an innovative and compelling radio program that is on air for 12 yrs on NYC legendary station Wbai 99.5fm.

It airs every first and 3rd Friday of the month on WBAI at 5:30 AM and Thursdays at 9pm EST right here on TTN. This program is a virtual safe space for Survivors of rape,sexual and domestic abuse to share their stories, struggles and triumphs.  Jay GraYce is also the positive infused host of THRIVE with Jay GraYce live every Thursday at 7pm EST right here on TTN.

Jay GraYce is a highly Empathic Intuitive and interfaith Minister. She is a seasoned Holistic Counselor, Public speaker , Activist , Poet and Author.

Jay Grayce is a rape Survivor and through her heart wrenching journey she has acquired many tools that has helped her.

She joyfully shares what has been helping her with others in all that she does. Her message is pure and simple. We all deserve to live a thriving life regardless of our challenges.

Sue Broome is TTN's joyous and gifted Host of Angel Talk with Sue every Monday live at 1pm EST.

She is also does Meditate with the Angels every morning at 7 AM EST.

Sue Broome is passionate about her work with the Angels and it shows.

She lends her soothing voice ,vibrant energy that radiate calm and good vibes.

That is why Meditate with the Angels is a great way for you to get ready to take on the world! 

Sue is also the Author of Signs from your loved ones. She is a Energy healer, and gifted Intuitive Angel Card Reader and does Workshops on various topics all focused on empowering others to connect with their own intuition and enabling to achieve their goals.    

You can go to Thrive Talk Network YOUTUBE channel to listen to past meditations and shows.

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